Saturday, February 05, 2011

Noticing and Playing

Recently, James has been watching less TV (yay), using his Leapster less obsessively (right on), and noticing some of the cool toys he's had lying around for a while. He totally gets into these:

The Thomas Train magnetic book started out with 32 magnetic train stickers. We're down to the last 4, and he's finally using it appropriately, creating distinct voices for each train and making them do tings in a coherent story line. Awesome! He lines them all back up in the stationhouse when he's done.

The CD is full of the alphabet songs that he sings in school. his teacher let me borrow the CD to make a copy for him. He gets the most delighted look on his face when he plays "his" songs. I just love watching him jump, smile, and hearing him sing.

James has a small fleet of trucks. I thought he'd at least spin the tires. Nope. He's ignored them all, until the past two weeks. Now he's a driving convert, with sound effects. Usually screeching tires and vrooming engines. I'm not so sure how much I like those last two, but I am totally supportive of all the playing that goes on. He's even using his construction map/rug in his room as a roadway.

It's really nice seeing James play more with toys in an appropriate way. It doesn't help with the Spring cleaning (more scattered things and what should I not toss becaue he's going to discover it next?), but it is a lot of fun to watch:

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