Saturday, April 24, 2010

SOOC Saturday: Coach

James is here with one of his first therapists. Like some of the people we've worked with, she's become a friend, and has watched James progress from being nonverbal and smiling at nothing in the distance to talking and interacting with his peers and others.

Look at this picture, for instance. He tried to get her pink phone, but she's got his number and held it just out of reach. Look what he's grabbed instead ... James smiles when he sees her. I hope he remembers some of the fun they had together, rolling balls and playing with gears and monster truck parts.

She's taught us a lot about working with James and hanging in there as a parent. She is one dedicated woman who gets out the word for programs and helps fundraise for the groups that really get out there and help the kids. I can personally attest that she is a lot of fun to be with on a team, fundraiser, or coffee break!

Thanks for being there, Ronnie -- and all that you do!

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SOOC Saturday



Marvelous Mommy said...

Aw very sweet! Happy SOOC Saturday!

Hopesrising said...

Oh my word , I had to do a double take on this picture. Ronnie is my sister and the mom of a two boys with Autism. ( I'm not kidding!)
So this picture is special to you of James. But touches me deeply because I know how much Ronnie loves her job and the Kids she sees daily. As well as her dedication to those who have autism and the parents as well.

Thanks so much for sharing.

SoCo mom said...

Oh my goodness, it's a small world!

Well we love Ronnie and feel very lucky to know her!

Hopesrising said...

Thank you ..indeed it is a small world!

danette said...

I love this, how sweet!