Monday, May 11, 2009

Planning for Next Year

James' preschool teacher came over this afternoon to talk about plans for summer school as well as preschool and SHAPE sessions for next school year. He will have good people, whom he knows and likes, working with him this summer -- yay!

The thought for next year is to have him continue services and academics with the preschool four mornings a week, then do a daycare two afternoons a week with a SHAPE person, and continue with a SHAPE session Friday mornings. I am liking the sound of this. My homework is to scope out day care places and possible costs involved.

James is making good progress, already completing 3 of his 5 IEP goals set in November. His teacher reports he is a little more agitated while at school, but otherwise continues to reach new achievements, particularly in speech and toilet training areas.

For a while today, James was overwhelmed: His teacher, AV, E, and his Daddy were all in the house at the same time. Nana and his sister popped in & out. Grand Central Station, that's us. Normally, I bring James home for an hour or so of down time before SHAPE starts with just one other person. It took a while to calm him back down and get him to focus on his tasks before I could melt back down the hall to the home office and close the door.

And I'll bet James is still not happy that his Daddy took him to school this morning in the van, not the blue car! Buddy, I know you like your patterns and habits, but it's time to flex a little. Love ya!

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