Saturday, October 25, 2008

Au Revoir, Ennui

Saw this on the blog these are the days. It looks like fun. Here goes!

Two 'Fer(remember, only two):

1. Name two things you did yesterday/last night.
2. What are two of your current favorite foods
3. List two things you are looking forward to
4. Name two things you fear
5. What are your weekend plans

1. I took both kids to the pre-Halloween Trick & treat event at the North Bay Regional Center. It was fabulous! Then I took both kids to a birthday party at Funky Monkey. It was good crazy fun.
2. Just ate them: bacon and scallops (I love Trader Joe's)
3. Our upcoming trip to Disneyland! Having both kids going out trick-or-treating for Halloween this year.
4. The economy. My dad's health.
5. Supporting our PTA fund-raising school carnival (mission accomplished) and RESTING. I wish we could have gone to the rally in Oakland to push for getting therapies for autistic children covered by health care insurance. More on that soon, because my master plan is to NOT GET SICK AGAIN!

Your turn!

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SnoopMurph said...

Hi there-I saw your post on my blog and decided to hop over and visit. I actually went back and read some of your earlier posts about your son and WOW-I can relate to so much of what you write about. I look forward to coming back and reading more.

Great Two'Fer post too! Glad you played along.