Saturday, November 19, 2016

Angry Birds Metaphor

So it's raining and James and I are talking as we make the one big round of errands so we can stay home later, enjoying a warm, dry afternoon. We wound up discussing Angry Birds, always a favourite theme with James.

He had an interesting insight into the Matilda Bird, whom he has been drawing obsessively. To the point of roping me into a hunt for black paper and a white crayon (yes, we had both squirreled away somewhere) so he could colour her.

James wanted to know if I'd noticed that she is rounder before she drops her egg, and thinner after. I conceded he had a point. Why, he wanted to know? I asked him what he thought. His answer startled me:

"I think she puts the angry into her egg and when she drops it on the piggies, she gets smaller."

What a great metaphor for how you the deflated, de-energized state after an angry outburst.

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