Tuesday, May 24, 2016

YouTube: Power Tool for Autism Parents!

Another regular school year is coming to an end for James. It has been a stinker, complete with his school changing his program and retaining him in the 4th grade without asking or being honest with me. Totally not in compliance with his IEP. Took several meetings and a lawyer to get that undone.

Yes, there were some good things too this school year. And James is still his cheerful self. A lot of broken promises this year, that's all I'm saying.

Today is a field trip for James! The second real field trip of the school year and I am so happy he gets to be with the mainstream 5th grade class for it. It's rollerskating at a local rink.


James has trouble riding a bike, let alone roller skating. He's never attempted skating, in fact. However, breakthroughs with his social group at the Swain Center, the overall friendliness of the kids at his school, and the expanded horizons from the Boys and Girls Club after school program all contributed to him wanting to go and try.

He wanted to know how to roller skate. We have no skates. What we did have was YouTube:

Oh yeah! We watched a few of these and off he went!

Crossing my fingers - so far, no phone calls from the office!

Update: He did great! Two laps around the rink and ate 3 slices of pizza after. Yes, he did fall. No, it was not a big deal. He was so jazzed that he went. And very tired that night too!

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