Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A Little Sniffling, A Lot of Shuffling

After an amazingly good stretch of health, James is down with a cold. Not too bad, but we can't run on a full schedule.

The last SF appointment has been rescheduled and there will be no social speech skills  after school program today. His behavioural observation had to be cancelled because he stayed home one day this week.

We are continuing the nutritionist appointment though, because he's still not out of the woods yet with this whole food in/food out thing. He is eating more of his formerly normal foods and we had two successes in the home bathroom so far this week.

James is also talking more and asking us questions. True, a lot center around when a desired DVD will arrive in the mail, as well as checking to make sure we know everything about said DVD, but sometimes now he will ask us "why?" because he really wants more information about things we are discussing.

All slow, good progress, despite what it does to our calendars.

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