Monday, January 05, 2015

Traditions - His Voice

James had an assignment for a class project: choose a family tradition and write about it.

I discussed traditions and ran a few examples by him. He chose one and we talked about it. I did some Q&A on him and did some ghost writing but here it is, in his words:


James typed a bit but then stopped in frustration. We are working on typing on the computer with him. He gets frustrated because he's used to tapping and swiping on his iPad. I finished typing what we'd written. I chose the font based on an article I'd seen on the Read Regular website (a fascinating look at how font choice and spacing can help those with reading difficulties) and printed out the finished product. Then I asked James to get the printout and read it.

I thought he'd just skim it, but he read the entire thing aloud. At the end, he looked up, excited. Because he recognized his words. On paper. Just like a book!

And it did become part of a book - his class sent home a bound book of traditions, and James' was right there, along with everyone else's.
So proud!

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