Tuesday, January 27, 2015


It has been a month of early morning trips to SF before school and work with James. We enjoy time together and the break from routine. But James is now getting bored with the long wait in a coffee shop.

He hasn't wanted his iPad this morning, choosing instead to work math problems and write letters in my notebook. part of me is thrilled. Part of me is thinking maybe it is time to start working some walks into this routine, if it continues into another two-week session.

The sessions are definitely helping. While the weight gain is not really happening, he is getting cleaned out and holding steady at 61.5#. He is starting to eat whole sandwiches, tortilla chips, and blueberry waffles again. Thanks to his wonderful teacher and classmates, he is trying new foods with his Lunch Group.

Now that James is getting healthier and more energetic, his ability to just sit goes down. And that's okay with me. He's got things to do. Places to go. As he should be.

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