Friday, November 28, 2014

Thankful Thursday, Special Edition

Thanksgiving post, a little late. Despite not having to host a gathering, still a lot to accomplish. A lot of wishes and pleas this Thanksgiving, mainly for health and fortitude for loved ones, among all the things to be thankful for. Stressful times, they keep on coming. Good things and people keep us going.

Yesterday, while baking side dishes to share at a family gathering, I observed James and his sister at play. I love it when this happens. It was mainly KJS, their version of follow-the-(older sister)-leader.

James did really well with the math questions thrown at him. Zumba time on my old aerobics step was priceless to eavesdrop on. The game was is old Curious George memory game. Story time hit a detour and turned into ....

James his bedhead ... and Doug

Big Sister and Kitty Boy

Most fun baking ever! Hope everyone enjoyed a good day with family and friends.

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