Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Lazy Week

We have about a month to go before the kids start back to school, but my summer vacation is at an end. Monday I start work at a new job. My first in-an-office job in about 10 years - wish me luck. I am hoping this will work out.

Meanwhile, kids and I enjoyed a last lazy week together. As the weather was a bit cool and James seemed to be teetering with coming down with something, we stayed very close to home, and we didn't even try his morning swim lessons, which is a shame, but he needs to stay healthy.

Here is some of what we did:
James is starting to like the suspension bridge at the Ranch.

As James was feeling a bit peakish, he stayed on the Barn's porch instead of his usual trampoline marathon.

A trip to the fish store cheered both kids.

Our grapes are ripening! Kids like picking the ripe ones, although James won't eat them.

Farmers' Market! We still love the freshly baked French Baguettes.

We did persuade James to take a quick dip in the pool on our one hot afternoon.
He liked riding the tube & blowing water out of it at his sister.

Big Sister had her swim lessons. She is getting rather good, especially in backstroke - just like her Nana!

"Uh, hellooooooooo!"
James tries the party line at the old Healdsburg Library, which has a really nice exhibit on Fred MacMurray & his ranch.

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