Saturday, June 29, 2013

Monster Play

Feeling better throughout the house this morning, thank goodness.

Instead of moans and sickness, there is rest and recovery. James continues to heal and gain energy. The cat is delighted to have someone else frisking about the place.

So far this morning, James has danced and sang for us. He's walked on the monster feet his O/T brought to the house to encourage movement five years ago. It's taken that long to catch on with him. I think everyone else in the family's had their fun, so it's good to see James confident and playful enough to take his turn on them.

I have a feeling that having seen Monsters University also piqued his interest in the monster feet.

We have Kitty Rodeo on hardwood floors, which is hilarious to watch. The cat loves to chase his toy mice, ribbon, pipe cleaners, and parts of plastic Easter eggs across the room. As he's 9 month old, he's quite the acrobat. I still enjoy watching his front end take off while his back end is still trying to gain traction from the previous maneuver.

On the alert and ready to pounce; there might be dragons!
It's interesting to be an audience for the complex positive/negative magnetic ballet that James and the cat perform. They can't ignore each other, but each freaks the other out. There is a lot of sneaking and run-away break points, with ears flat to the head and loud tattling of things like "Bueller's on the coooooooooouch!"

Then they'l both lie down, curl up, and rest. Before too long they're back up and ready to play, imagination and senses on the alert.

It's good to be inside with the air conditioning. We hit over 100 here today, which is a good 20 above normal. Safer too -- we have monster plum bombs dropping unexpectedly from the tree out back onto the hapless lawn below.

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