Thursday, August 16, 2012

Special Exposure / Wordless Weds: First Day of the Second Grade

Today James had his first day of the Second Grade (*clap-clap* -- man, I've got that song from Veggie Tales in my head!) ... and he as excited to get ready. He could hardly turn loose his brand new Angry Birds lunch bag for me to fill it. He was so proud and excited it was his, I would gladly have paid twice what I did just to see him with it this morning. He ran to pack his backpack, and thanked me for getting it out for him this morning.

Here is our guy, ready for some new adventures:
He's wearing size 10-12, folks, with size 3 sandals .. and is still 7.

The First day, of the Second Grade (*clap-clap*) ... no to first aid, in the Second Grade!

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Sanstrousers said...

He looks so excited!

unlockingdoors said...

What a handsome guy! Glad he had a great day :)

SoCo mom said...

Thanks! This is his super power: he loves people and wants to be with the other kids.