Monday, June 25, 2012

They Learn From Us

James had an unsettled session of summer school this morning. He yelled and said "NO!" when spoken to by teachers. After writing, he balked at doing any work. He was supremely unconcerned about listening and following directions.

When I picked him up, there was his checklist waiting, with a list of sad faces.

First, I had him apologise for yelling at the teachers. Then I told him we would discuss his day at home and maybe write a note to his teachers. That we would try again tomorrow and have a better day. This sounded like a Plan to us all.

So after lunch I had James sit down and write a note to all his teachers:
"I am sorry I yelled. I will try to listen (up at top) more."

I then asked the kids to do an offline activity while I ate my lunch and checked my email. While doing this, I found an email that indicated a payment that I did not remember making - panic attack.

James' big sister decided to help out by telling James it was time to play KJS. As he kept asking "What you doing, Mommy?" and "I'm right here! Who you talking to?" while I was trying to straighten things out over the phone, I could hear his sister saying "James, you need to pay attention, or you're going to get an unhappy face!" And he listened!!

They went into a bedroom and played KJS;  his sister later informed me that his earned all smiley faces. I love those kids to pieces. We are now going swimming as a reward. The email/financial issue? Resolved, thank goodness!

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