Sunday, April 29, 2012

SNwRG: Better Late Than Never

It's a long and dull story, but during my Sunday Morning Surf (replacing what used to be going over the Sunday Paper with Coffee) I stumbled across a couple of great blogs, Floortime Lite Mama (actually a reunion) and Four Sea Stars. This ultimately led me to a very fun and rather snarky meme over at Adventures in Extreme Parenting: Special Needs with Ryan Gosling.

Hey, Girl, I just had to join in -- a little late, as is my theme this week:

Check out all the great ways Ryan has made life better for us Extreme Parents -- cheers!


Lizbeth said...

Hi!! So lovely to find you! And to see you tagged me, swoon!!!

I love your Ryans!

Elle said...

Love it! Ryan and wine, don't mind if I do.