Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Easter

Bunny boy was up at 5:30 and ... ignored his basket. Again. He was all about playing with his iPad. Red-eyed and exhausted, I handed him some books and suggested he read *quietly.* A mere 20 minutes later, he was reading aloud from "Where the Wild Things Are" - emphasis on the LOUD. Time to inject coffee, extra strength for me!

By the time we'd all assembled for our Easter brunch, James had noticed his basket. Both kids got Funky Monkey tokens in their basket eggs instead of candy. They collected dozen of sweets-filled eggs at their grandparents' garden later that day.

James really liked getting a flashlight of his own and his Cars book, which (whisper it) was actually a great present he'd received for an earlier holiday, but was not yet ready to appreciate. Boy, does he appreciate it now!

After the egg hunt at Nana and Apu's it was time for an early dinner. Everyone sat together at the table, and for the first time I did not bring the kids' food for them. I figured they could eat bread and try something new ... or I could feed them when we got home. Time to try stretching what they'll eat at social gatherings. Yeah, they pretty much stuck to bread and they had a late dinner-snack before bedtime.  We'll get there.

After a really delicious meal and desserts, the cousins all played together at a local park, running off a ton of energy (and sugar). It was so satisfying to watch them all chase each other and have a blast in a group. It's how I grew up and I don't want our kids to miss out on that.
Bedtime came early and they slept well!

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