Saturday, January 07, 2012

Zumba Time ... or Not

School begins again next week. Both kids are getting antsy for a routine and some adventure. James' sister made up a picture scheduler for their day. It was sweet, because she conferred with her brother and he rose to the occasion.

Right now it's Zumba Time in her room. I can hear the music going, punctuated with "Yay!!!" and laughter. James is running around in my sweatshirt, his jammies, and rain boots.

 I hope it lasts. James has not only discovered the power of "NO!," he has acquired quite a verbal litany to back up his dissensions. Luckily, he adores the times his sister wants to play with him, so we don't get much of that at when they play together.

And, I have found an excellent way to encourage the kids to go play:

Another reason to love my Jane Austen DVDs!

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