Monday, January 09, 2012

Magic Marker Monday: The Write Stuff

I try to get both children to write thank you notes. With their birthdays occurring so close to Christmas, it can be a challenge. I have found out that they do best if I get them to do about three at a sitting. They do not want to use pre-printed cards -- they want to make their own.

James, in particular, is excited to make them this year. He wanted to write his own thank yous. I dictated the letters an provided some guide lines, he did the reast. He even picked the colour of the paper for the cards and chose and placed the foam stickers on his own as well.

* Handy Dandy Pad o' Construction Paper ($1 from the Dollar Store)
* Tub o' foam stickers (about $5 on sale from Michael's)
* Markers on sale from Target ($1 a box of 10)
* Misc. ball point pens

I found it was easier to have James write the message on the inside first before decorating the front. The foam stickers made an uneven surface for writing, and he kept making holes and got frustrated. Can I say how proud and happy I am that James can write his own Thank You cards?

His sister did a marvelous job as well. She detailed her presents in the front of the cards in design. I love how she put puzzles on the inside! Someone has been enjoying all those 3rd grade worksheets.

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Childlife said...

James! Your handwriting looks A-MAZING!!! Super job!

Both of them did such lovely work on their cards (the detail work and surprise puzzle in Sis' card is fabulous!) :)

Michelle @ 5MFSN