Friday, January 20, 2012

Magic Marker Monday: Red Journal

Just before Winter Break, James brought home his writing log, which he calls his Red Journal. Considering he had trouble getting 4 letters on 1 page of paper last year, this is a Magic Journal for me!

Baseline, from September:

We have our puzzling days:
I see his teacher and aide's names there ...
 ummmmmm ...
"At school, the lights were not on. I feel bored. I went to speech with Jack. We watch -- "
 er, um, cheeus cager goose? This will keep me awake at night.
The ones that make my heart ache a bit :

Although I have to take the "worried" with a grain of salt, because:
Even though he writes he's mad, he enjoys the spelling practice at home and this is his usual result for spelling tests:
I also know that James reverses his pronouns (mostly on purpose, I believe) and mispronounces his own last name. He gets a big kick out of that, go figure.

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(and yes, I know it's Friday -- it's been a week)

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Childlife said...

James' journal gave me so many smiles! Too funny that he deliberately flips his pronouns and mispronounces his last name -- what a character! :D

~Michelle @ 5MFSN