Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE Countdown: 10PM

Oh my gosh, the Wonder League! You loved it so. Daddy took you to most of the games and was so proud of you! He loved to tell me stories about how cute you were and how fast you could run (and not only around the bases)! He told me how happy and proud you were to be playing baseball on a team. We were so lucky to find out about it and take part:
Running with your Buddy to score at home plate.

Your pictures. You still love looking at them.

You figured out more how to block out noises that overwhelm you, like at a coffee shop or even on a submarine ride:

You loved to yell out "Hi, Darla!" and wave at her.
You still had a thing for hats, which was cute on our trip to Disneyland. You also did not get carsick on the long road trip to LA, San Luis Obispo, and back home. Proud of you, big guy!

You also started using your words to tell us more of things you like -- such as requesting the Buzz Lightyear etch-a-sketch as your souvenir from our Disneyland Resort trip. You kept on using it too, which again is a change from before.

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