Thursday, November 10, 2011

Teacher Conference: Progress Report

Yesterday I spent an hour and a half with James' teacher, talking about his work, personality, and ideas for improvement. I feel so lucky, to be working with a teacher who listens to me, even encourages me, as I talk and talk about James. She talked about him almost as much as I did. There are 23 other kiddos in that class. Yikes! Yes, I am appreciative.

But wait -- there's more, and it's awesome.

To quote from the report card: "He has made so much progress since last year ... James has a terrific memory and works well in his Reading Group. He is not far from the grade level standard this trimester."

I wanted to jump up, punch the air, and dance around the portable room like a loon. YESSSSS!!!! I've worried for so many years; remember so well that long time when I didn't know what James' voice would sound like, or if he'd ever talk. Had a meltdown at being told be he tested as mentally retarded and that I should prepare myself earlier rather than later to face this situation. Being scared that my sunny little guy would get lost in the big wide world of checkboxes and categories that are set to Normal and Not Normal.

He's reading. He's writing. He's interacting with his class. He does his homework and he gamely gives math a shot at night with me. And he's almost there.

So sweet. So relieved for him.

So thankful.

It's going to always be up and down. Math will remain an interesting challenge for quite a while (maybe always). We are going to try a drawing/writing journal and addition/subtraction flash cards. I am so happy, because even though we are getting lots of help, James is the one making this happen. And his future is getting brighter.

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