Saturday, November 26, 2011

SOOC Saturday: Fall Seasonal

It's Fall. Temps have dropped and cold and wet have moved in again. Mornings are misty and chill and strangely beautiful:


The cherry tree is the last deciduous tree in the back yard to change colour and drop its leaves. I hope for a good sleep, and many cherries come late Spring/early summer! Days and afternoons are fickle with sunshine and warmth, but make for breathtaking sights.

As the shortened days slip into sunset, the world loses colour, except in the sky:

This one photo is enhanced from the one above, so you can see
the rainbow's end that seems to be coming from under the moon.
Took this one in the Safeway parking lot. Unbelievable!
Meanwhile, indoors is a good place to be. It's warm and cozy. There are surprises to be found. And James is busy with writing projects at the homework desk.

Falling into another week of SOOC action at Marvelous Mommy's blog. If you want to check out our (mostly) SOOC Thanksgiving cooking pics, I've posted them here.
Come on over to see more or join in!

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