Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Good, Bad, & Sleep-Deprived

  • James had a pretty good day at school, despite the time change, a strange aide, and fighting off a cold that one of his classmates brought in to share last week.
  • James sat down and did a great job writing his new spelling words 3 times each. Wow, his letter e's are really looking good, and they were so tough for him last year. Still struggling with trying to lengthen the vertical lines for b, p, and h; strangely, d is just fine.
  • Completed 1 math sheep and 1 makeup sheet. Did a very nice job with reading.
  • Discovered Scholastic BookFLIX. Run, do not walk, to your computer to see if you are lucky enough to have a public library that grants you access to these wonderful, multimedia books.

  • James fussed and hung on me, trying his best to wheedle me into letting him watch TV. It's so hard to deal with this while I am making dinner or trying to finish cleaning/organizing.
  • I had to keep running to catch him for bedtime. We had wiping issues. He cried for his Daddy, who was still fighting traffic, trying to get home.
  • I started awake at 1:15, to find James standing over me, whispering "How you doin', Mommy? Can I turn on my light?" (Answer: "NO!")
  • From then until 3:20, repeat about every 30 minutes. He didn't like the light shadows from his night light. He wanted a drink of water. The light on. His numbers. I finally broke out the Benedryl. Can't tell if the time change messed him up, the cold & cough woke him up, or maybe it was the fact that the heater kept kicking on ... maybe all 3?

    While he did sleep after that, he woke up late, after his Daddy left for work, which made him sad. Then he did not want to change out of his clothes, so I had to use the Mean Voice and corner him for a change, which I hate.
  • Another early dismissal day. So naps for me are o-u-t.

The Sleep-Deprived:
  • That would be moi. I am making leek and potato soup and trying to wake up over incredibly strong cups of Peet's Espresso Forte coffee (on sale at Raley's!).

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