Friday, November 11, 2011

Bring It On

Some days are just like this:
Channeling my inner Kuzco. No touchee!!
(well okay -- click to see the film clip)
Behind on contract work. Still waiting for invoice payments. Van tires need replacement and alignment, but can't take care of it until payment received on invoices. Saw my husband for maybe 2 minutes in the last 24 hours. Daughter longing for one-on-one time together.

Up all night with a little boy who was very sick with the flu. Tried to keep blood pressure under control as I listened all night long to his moans. Five loads of laundry between 1 and 7 am. Can't see my folks all weekend now because my Dad has a newly discovered heart condition and colds and flu germs are very serious things for him. Hoping like heck I don't get it. Strapping in for the rest of the day.

Bring it on.

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