Friday, October 07, 2011

First Spelling Test

James has been practicing his spelling words for the first time ever. His teacher and I are in agreement that we will just try treating James as much as a regular student as possible and see what happens.  So James practiced writing the 10 words and 2 bonus words. They are part of his core words and reading assignments as well.

This is the result:

He got them all correct. Wow! Go, James -- I am so proud of you!

Last year this time I was proud that he could write his name on an entire piece of paper. A year and a half ago, I was advised to put him in a special day class and not mainstream him. I think of this every time James makes a breakthrough that is largely due to being mainstreamed. I am not blaming anyone, it's more a pat on my back for listening to everyone's input, but my most of all to my own heart and my husband's about James. Also we are thankful, for all the help we receive that makes this possible. He has quite the team behind him.

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