Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Magic Marker Monday: Fridge Art, Kind of

I am one of those Moms who use the fridge as gallery space. Sometimes it's so full that I have to use care when opening the doors or some precious piece of work will fall to the floor because I did not have enough fridge magnets to properly secure it. And I have a scary amount of fridge magnets, but I digress ...

So Monday I was trying to get in some gardening. Retro gardening, in fact. Like 5 years' worth. James and his sister had their afternoon snack and were enjoying a cassette full of Kimba The White Lion (thanks, Aunty Molley!) so I thought this would work (unlike the previous 5 years, when both kids would cry and James would pull an "ELAINE!!!!" from his front bedroom window if I left the house to do gardening in our own yard).

Wait, where was I? Oh yes, in the front yard. About 40 minutes in, James' sister opens the front door and announces that James has Done Something Bad. So I go investigate, sighing mightily. To find out yes and no:

I am glad that it's pencil, not covering existing pictures/art, and not the marker on the couch fiasco of the past. And wow, James is getting really confident about using a pencil and using the proper grip! And I like to think that he drew a gin & tonic for his Mommy, who will be spending some time with him this afternoon, wiping down the fridge.

Notice I had to take pictures of it. That makes it art in my book. Performance/Developmental/Expressive art. May your day have a little free-form fun that hopefully leaves little clean up behind as well!

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Anonymous said...

It's those little touches that make us smile. And I do hope you get our gin and tonic!!

My daughter is autistic, she's 11 now, but still draws on radiators, despite being told umpteen times a week. I found a scrawl on her bedroom radiator the other day!

CJ xx

RattButt said...


I enjoyed the story lines that lead up to your presentation of the wonderful artwork. I also enjoy all those moments raising children that make us grab the camera, even when our first instinct was to do otherwise.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my son's painting. Reading your comment to him made his day. I appreciate that, and I look forward to checking out more art from your home.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Childlife said...

LOL! We've had this very same brand of fridge art -- hee, hee! A sense of humor sure comes in handy, doesn't it? :D

~Michelle @ 5MFSN