Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthday Boy

James celebrated his birthday today. For the first time ever, he became excited in advance (as in a month before the event) and kept asking us "Is James' birthday?" We counted down and talked a little about birthdays and what people do on their birthdays.

We practiced social verbal birthday exchanges and responses such as
 -- "How old are you?"
 -- "I'm six!"
 -- "Happy Birthday!"
 -- "Thank you!"

James asked if he could have a cake and picked out the flavours for both cake and frosting for this and the cupcakes to share in his class. He helped me make them as well.

He opened his cards first and looked at them before moving on to presents. "I ripping?" he'd ask us. "Yes, it's okay to rip wrapping paper," we'd assure him. I am glad he checks, because occasionally some items are Destroyed By Ripping.

In some past years, we'd be baffled what to get him. This year, we knew we had some winners:

Happy Birthday, James! And many, many more!

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