Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Magic Marker Monday: Making Our Holidays Bright

We've been laid low by a virus that just won't quit, James and I. Still we've found time to make our holidays bright, even if I haven't been coming online to share recently.

Voila! Candy Cane Reindeer, made with sweets from the Dollar Store and leftover bits of pipecleaner (probably from the same store):

Jingle bells, made with jingle bells, pipecleaners, and the odd pet collar. Add music and friends and suddenly, we're re-enacting the dancing scenes from A Charlie Brown Christmas in the school's gym!

Making cookies from a simple roll cookie recipe (thank you, Joy of Cooking!) makes the kids happy, works those hands in needs of deep muscle pressure and fine motor tuning, heats the cold house, and makes a delicious treat to eat and share:

Last for today (but not least) is an art project that James made for us at school, using paint and his foot & hands:

Notice he wrote his name in the lower right corner!

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1 comment:

Childlife said...

Wow! You guys sure managed to do a lot of lovely things for a family feeling under the weather!

James looks like he had a grand time -- I especially love his hand-print reindeer! Top notch work there, with his handwriting too!

~Michele @ 5MFSN