Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting on His Game Face

I was going through pictures of the county fair, just before school started. I have loved going to the county fair since my first trip in 1972. It's been a joy to take my kids there too and watch them have as much fun as I did.

This year, for the first time, James asked to play one of the midway games. Part of our pre-fair package deal gave us a couple of 2-for-1 game coupons, so we picked he picked this game:

This turned out to be a good choice. James likes to roll and bowl balls, and the noise does not last too long. Plus, there is the thrill of watching your competition and your clown car move slowly across the board

Notice, James is a lefty here when it comes to throwing: 

I am looking back at this picture now, with a month of successful Kindergarten transfer under our belts. I should have taken this last picture to heart: James, lining up with the other kids. Having the time of his life, not because he's winning, but because he's right there, in the game, with everyone else:

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