Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Magic Marker Monday: Sparkle Power

I finally got around to looking at some of James' paintings from his Dino, Dragon, & Unicorn camp program.

At first, I only saw the outlines and paint colours.

Then the sunlight hit it and WOW! Sparkle Power!

I had to smile at this guy:

I can't decide whether it's because I put in several years enjoying toddlers and preschoolers who liked Dragon Tales ... or that they no longer watch it. More the former than the latter, actually.

Since he's been doing crafts at the summer camp, James has been a little more interested with paints and glue. Excellent, because Kindergarten starts in almost 2 weeks (yikes!).

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Gale said...

I bet he had fun...gotta love sparkles!

Anonymous said...

I love Dragon Tales, kinda miss it actually. Can't go wrong with sparkling dinosaurs, :)

Childlife said...

Kindergarten already? Time flies! Love the sparkle paints -- his dragons are great! And I had to laugh at your comment about no longer watching Dragon Tales -- we have a few series that I don't think I'll be missing once they've been outgrown :D

~Michelle @ 5MFSN