Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day Two of ...

Dry pants in the morning! Blueberry waffle breakfast on the sofa with his sister! Dressing himself! Walking to school together!

James paused more on the way to school, asking where people were. His sister, Nana, and Daddy were the constant ones. He also asked about his Apu and SHAPE asst. Finally I realized he kept seeing Toyota vans -- the kind his Nana drives. How to explain that this type of van is one of the 2 top popular mini vans right now? Change of subject, says I.

We talked about leaves changing colour, trucks, and familiar faces. Because we saw a few. Former classmates from various schools and programs. James got to run about a little on the playground before the line-up chime sounded. We found his Room's line-up animal:

His aide said he was excited to discover a good friend from the second (mainstream) preschool in the kinder class across the hall. We only had a minute to chat, though. James could not wave me "Good-bye, Mommy!" fast enough. Again. Well, at least some of the other Moms will talk to me ...

And on the way back home I got to:

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