Saturday, July 31, 2010

SOOC Saturday: Point & ...

James' dad has upgraded his cell phone. Thi smakes James v. happy, because guess who gets to play with the old one (and the built-in camera)?

James pursues his interests with great enthusiasm. The shot above was taken at a recent outing to the DeYoung Museum (yes, again).

If you are wondering what his pictures look like well ...

Let's just say he gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "point and ....shoot!"

The Slurping Life is taking care of the present. Why not take a moment to visit Melody and check out SOOC Saturday/Sunday entries past & present. No cropping or fixing -- it's life, straight out of the camera.

SOOC Saturday



KDL said...

Our daughter has her own digital kid camera and also sometimes gets a hold of our "real" camera. I can't tell you how many self-portraits of her we have. Some of them are just her lips. I've kept most of them - their digital, so no big deal - and even stuck one in a card once because it looks like she's about to give someone a big smooch. So fun.

SoCo mom said...

That's wonderful!

James' pictures are usually his fingers over the lens ... although we've had a breakthrough lately with parts of people actually visible through the cracks, lately!