Saturday, July 24, 2010

SOOC Saturday: New! New! New!

New play/activity alert! James was left to his own devices yesterday morning, and asked me to take down the toy parrot that records what you say and plays it back to you, in annoying, unpredictable bursts. Because he was playing so nicely and not interested in watching videos, I was all for it. (Also, I was picking up the I Spy pigsty, and was glad to have him absorbed in an activity)

Turns out he wanted to play, and have the stuffed toy parrot talk to the talking one. OMG, it was awesomely cute!

For the first time ever, he made one object talk with one voice and made a different voice for the other. He made one be the mommy and the other the baby, with the baby kissing the mommy on the beak. I died a thousand cute deaths watching this.

Then he practiced his social cues:
-- "How are you?"
-- "I'm fine. How are you?"

And then he made them play with each other. All of it completely new (well, at least for me to see it in action).

His sister woke up, upon hearing the unaccustomed sounds of someone else playing out loud with toys so early in the morning. She could not decide at first whether to be charmed with the toy animal play (in which she also loves to indulge) or pout that James was playing with a toy that her Dad bought just for her. Luckily, she's a good-natured big sister, and they had a lot of giggles, even playing together for a bit.

This is right up there with the first time he called me "Mommy."

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K- floortime lite mama said...


James is blowing me away

he is doing soooo well

Michelle said...

oh what a wonderful moment you captured and made even more memorable by the sibling interaction that happened later!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Rachel said...

Totally melting that you captured those moments in film and memory! I love the siblings playing together, and the way he wanted to play was sweet!