Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Magic Marker Monday: Poolside Notes

Even though it's really Tuesday right now, I'd like to share with you some of the drawings James did recently while waiting for his sister to finish her swim lesson.

It's tough to keep Jame occupied around a pool, without letting him get wet in the water. Even though he loves to playy in the water, he can't sit still and take instruction for a regular group session. So while his sister can take the plunge in the morning, he need to be occupied on dry land.

This year I brought along a cheap, spiral notebook and a pen. This was to protect the class login binder from James more than anything else. Imagine the happy shock I felt when he actually stayed at the table, paging through the notebook and solemnly scribbling on each page.

Then I was able to sit down with him, re-arrange his grip on the pen, and help him draw some circles. After a few of those, I guided his hand to draw in eyes. Then James said "Need a nose!" and he drew it! Then he decided to add hair, a shirt, arms, legs, and a toe. I guided him with my hand over his, but he knew what he wanted to do:

Then we turned to another scribbled page, and he asked to help him draw Goofy, so we did, talking about the features as we added them. Than he asked for Mickey ... but then his patience gave out and he wriggled away. Still, I was impressed. This was practically a conversation for him. And I suspect he had fun and enjoyed us working together while his attention was on the project.
(Apologies to the Disney Toon Family)

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KDL said...

Good thinking! - bringing the notebook to the pool, I mean. I hope you'll enjoy more drawing sessions in the future.