Sunday, May 31, 2009

Two Bits (bit 1 of 2)

For the longest time, James was pleasantly pleased by everyone and everything (excepting vacuum and blender-type noises). Although I was pretty sure he knew who I was, I felt like I was on par with the cat, a bottle of milk, or anything that spun: pleasantly enjoyed while it lasted before being succeeded by the next pleasant thing.

After reading about some common signs of autism, I noted that while he did go up on his tip toes, flap his hands, turn in circles, and jump up and down when excited, he did not line up his toys or exhibit compulsive behaviour. Until he started closing all the open doors in the house. Then all the lights had to be either on or off (and our house has multiple light switches for the lights, so he'd put on quite the light show trying to get everything either lit or unlit).

Then he started latching on to his blanky, carrying it with him wherever he went. This made me happy, because it's a key developmental milestone, and made me feel I was getting to know James better as he showed real preferences.

Here is James with his Bear Bankee, a hand-me-down from a cousin (thank you, cousin!):

Now James adores his Bear "bankee," and wants it to go almost everywhere with him. He must be tucked in with him before going to bed. There is only one thing he wants more than his blanket, and that is his family. This makes me super happy. His number one favourite right now? His Mommy. This warms my heart, except if I need to go to the garage to do laundry, or say goodbye to someone out front. Then there is a problem at Mission Control ... it's called a meltdown.

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