Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tipping Point

... from playing well with sister to chaos and sibling rampages is ... about to be reached.

It's like watching a nature show. He circles his sister. They are communicating with arms, raspberries, and "yyyyyyyep!" She responds with dancing about, singing "daffodils! look at me? have you seen a really big ship before?"

He snatches up the big, red "We're #1" foam finger ....

... and the fun's over. She whines and yells as she chases him down, and he runs from her room, screeching with glee. She catches him in the hall.

"That's MINE!"

I have reached my tipping point. The red wine is tipping out of the bottle, into the glass. Alderbrook Zin, 2003.

Bed time comes now!

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