Friday, May 15, 2009

Making Plans, Saying 'Bye

Today was filled with busy conversations. We may be zeroing in on a preschool/daycare location for James to attend three days a week next year, with his SHAPE assistant in tow. The biggest hurdle will be the tuition, because I am not working. However, we may be able to get some assistance from the Regional Center, which could help make this a reality.

Especially nice for me is the fact that the assistance becomes available if I go back to work or school. I am definitely interested in going back to school. It's been almost two years since I was actively out there doing web developer work on a regular basis. I am sure there's a lot to get caught up on, although thankfully enough remains the same for me to keep my head above water.

Paperwork has been filled out and submitted to help get our daughter on a better track at her school for first grade.

This afternoon we had our end of term party for the CATS Program. While it was sad to goodbye to some of the wonderful people who were part of our lives for several months, how much we all learned! And some great connections were made. I am hopin to participate again next year.

And now, James has just come up to me and used his pop sickle stick as a tongue depressor on me. He made me open my mouth and go "Ahhhhh", and then he said "Doctor." OMG, he is play acting!!!!!

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