Saturday, March 07, 2009

Snuggle Time

Mornings are snuggle time around here. It used to be with my daughter. But she has discovered the joys of sleeping in. Besides, James gets up before she does 99.8% of the time, and she's in no rush to see him in the morning. La princessa takes a while to wake up.

So that leaves James and I. And he has become quite the snuggle bunny. Quite a turnaround from about age 2-3! This morning he got on my lap while watching a Disney Singalong tape, and asked me to sing "When you Wish Upon a Star" to him. How perfect is that? I felt thankful for my wishes for James that have been already come true. He is talking, better at walking, and is interacting more with people. And he is still his sweet, sunny self.

I used to wake (BK -- before kids) at the crack of noon. Not any longer, babe! As soon as I hear Mr Rise&Shine in his room (usually around 6-6:30) I am up. If I don't he has gotten into the habit of ripping aside the curtains and blinds (which, BTW, has destroyed the blinds) and standing up on his window ledge, so that everyone passing by our house gets a great view of him spread-eagled, standing up. Goooood Morning, Amsterdam!


And there's a lot of him to see. James has grown some more. 5T in shirts and 4/5T in pants; 10 in shoes. He is two months past four and is taller than half of my daughter's kindergarten classmates.

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