Monday, January 05, 2009

I Heart Play Doh

We are wrapping up a 2+ week school break and the weather has turned cold and nasty outside. The kids brought all their school germs home and fell sick, but not too badly. Oh what to do when they are recovering, but still not completely recovered?

Play-Doh! Good enough for a Mommy sanity break. Fun for them, plus I feel like James is still getting a little OT in. Ooh, and vocabulary, because he'll talk about the colours of Doh that he is using, and the names of the shape cutters he likes best. Better add in social skills, because he plays (and occasionally shares) with his sister at the table. She can talk a mile a minute, so he's getting some cognitive time in there too.

Play Doh is the best! Especially when properly corralled on the kitchen table.

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