Saturday, December 13, 2008

CATS: The EoS Party

Yesterday we attended the End of Semester party for Sonoma State University's CATS program. The students who had been working with us and other families pulled together wonderful food and personalized gift baskets and put on a fabulous shindig that left me rather misty-eyed and truly thankful for all efforts of these dedicated folk.

The room was decorated within an inch of its life with holiday ornamentation and poster presentations from the class. The students filled two long tables to the breaking point with savory potluck dinners and sugary treats. Many of the dishes were wheat and gluten-free. Everything I tried was marvelous.

We got a chance to talk with James' student and the kids got over being shy and played some of the games and activities around the room. The parents got to socialize. It made me think of something I read somewhere "being friends means not having to explain why we smell & taste the Play-Doh." I was crazy, fun, relaxing, and heart warming.

Even my daughter came away happy. She won a raffle prize:

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