Sunday, November 23, 2008


This week, James is our $6 Million Dollar Guy. He is stronger, faster, bigger! Than last week, that is.

Around Wednesday he was well enough to go back to school and start up SHAPE again. As we took our regular stroll around the block, I noticed that James looked seriously taller and that I hadn't had to roll up his pants. He ran most of the way. It was like he had springs in the bottom of his feet, and he ran with joy. This made me very happy!

He is full of preferences and tells me about them all the time: *red* po'sickles, *my* b'ankie, *more* (Curious) George, and chi'n ta-ta (not "sham'ich"). He wants "Maisy" as his goodnight book. Still not interested in potty training though. Ah well, there's always *next* week!

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