Thursday, August 07, 2008

Word Beads

James is starting to talk in sentences!

True, his most commonly used one is currently: "I ... wan' ... boo ... pease!" = "I want blue, please!" Blue= the Baby Einstein videos ... whose tape guard flaps are blue. But this is a big breakthrough -- hooray!!!

He is sleeping more again and having vivid dreams. I think he is growing again too. A few nights ago he curled up on the sofa and conked out as I was making dinner.

growing is hard work!

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Anonymous said...

I remember reading about vivid dreams being a 'symptom' of a highly creative mind. I hope they're not nightmares and/or night terrors. If so, you probably already know they don't always indicate an underlying psychopathology.

James is very cute and is fortunate to have a loving mom like you!