Friday, June 27, 2008

Thank God I Had Cats

Cat ownership has somewhat prepared me for toddlers and preschoolers. Especially the "I know you really want me to do this so I won't/I'll do something completely different" training ... and all the times I had to wrap and pill sick cats.

Cats hate meds.

So do toddlers/preschoolers.

My daughter has learned to heed the "Are we doing this easy way or the hard way?" question.

James is learning.

He is rather good at letting the amoxicillin sit in his mouth a bit before just letting it dribble back out. His hand moves at warp speed unexpectedly to knock medication from my hands. If I try administering liquid meds with that weird pharmaceutical spoon, he blows and spits it all over before it gets inside of him. Yes, this is the same child who has not yet mastered blowing bubbles and still has trouble sometimes blowing a whistle.

He can also squirm and twist like an eel, showing considerable strength before going completely boneless and oozing out of most grips.

Thank goodness for all my training with wrapping, holding, and pilling cats. Especially the feral ones. Builds confidence. I get best results of we're both on the sofa or floor. I use my legs and upper arms to pin his thrashing appendages and get a hold on his head with my chin and shoulder.

It helps if I can administer the meds while his head is tilted slightly up. He will now usually let the meds sink in slowly through the side of his teeth. I give him plenty of time to absorb & swallow. In extreme situations, I get his mouth open and set the spoon/dropper on the back of his tongue and release. Hardly anything gets back out that way, but I think we both prefer the easier way.

James gets full points for vocalizing during the entire encounter, starting with "NO!" and trying his charm with "All done!" and "Tank you!" We are both happy when med time is truly All Done. Then he gets some milk or ice water. And a hug. And a kiss or ten.

Two days down and only five more to go. Wahoo!

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Jen P said...

Love this story! The Kiddos are actually pretty good at taking their meds now. But if it is "yucky" tasting we have a handy syringe that we shoot it down their throats. We had ferrets before kids so we had some good training as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog.