Thursday, June 26, 2008

Better! And Need to Know?

After three days of yamminess and really not feeling well, James is better!

He had his first day of preschool school and SHAPE this week. I am so happy to see him back to bouncy and sunny. It was a bit hard, trying to explain to the advice nurse and doctor why I couldn't ask James where it hurt. I never know what lights up in peoples' heads once I mention that he's on the autistic spectrum.

I had to ask the doctor to put his diagnosis in his medical records, as the advice nurse said it never showed up in what she had access to. That felt weird. I usually say that James has language delays and leave it at that. Is it really that necessary to have medical practitioners know that James is on the autistic spectrum? Has anyone else found it to actually be helpful?


Anonymous said...

My 5 year old is nonverbal.I hate having to take him to the doctors.I know that he feels bad by his body language.I take him in.I usually have him check his throat, his ears.Sometimes i feel madness when I know I have to take him in ugh. Im sorry he cant tell me what exactly is wrong I just know there is something wrong. Glad your little one is better!

SoCo mom said...

Yup, there you have it!

The more I think about it, the more I don't see how helpful it would be to know if a child had autism or not, when trying to give medical advice over the phone. Now I am really wishing I'd thought to ask the advice nurse why this was so important to know.

Thanks for posting. I still feel so new and lost as a parent of a child on the spectrum!