Sunday, May 18, 2008

Things to See

Well, we braved the heat and swung by for about an hour of the Rose Parade yesterday. It got to be too much for James, so we ducked inside a bank, then a used book store, where the kids actually let me browse a good 10 minutes before getting restless.

My daughter picked out The Princess and the Pizza. James took a shine to Sweet Dreams, Maisy. I found Silver Chief, Dog of the North for my mom. And I ... got to smell old books.

I am a glutton for old books and their smelly, glorious pages.

Let me back up a bit and note some Lessons Learned about James and a parade:
  1. The noise will get to him, after about 10 minutes; rest periods, even brief ones, help a lot

  2. Reaffirmation that James does not take heat well

  3. Confirmation that humidity makes him Cranky, with hitting not far behind

  4. All the dogs in the crowd bring his anxiety levels up, although he no longer cries when they push up at him

  5. He adores watching live music, and vehicles that have things going around on them

  6. Bubbles Rule!

The new books were a hit at bedtime that night. I love it that James will now sit on my lap and read a book with me. Last year this time he'd eat, rip, and throw books only; he would not sit on my lap for a bedtime routine. Now, he expects multiple readings throughout the day and holds his arms up to me, so I will hold him while I sing him songs before he goes to sleep.

We had fog last night, so we are cool again this morning. I think I'll take the kids out to the Farmers' Market and then to a playground for lunch, so my husband can keep working on dismembering the disused hot tub that has become a wildlife refuge.

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