Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shake Those Hands

We are spending the weekend with friends and their kids, who are about the same age as ours. Within seconds, the girls were on the floor, engrossed in Ponyland. They haven't seen each other in months, but so what?

James is having the best time, playing with the other kids and their toys. He is talking up a storm again: house, open, fish, duck, car, train, walking, marching ... so exciting! On the trip down, his sister gave him an impromptu speech & language session. She encouraged him to say circle, square, triangle and red. He came up with rectangle and TRUCK! on his own. Driving on the freeway, he had lots of practice saying TRUCK!!!

At the park yesterday, someone was flying a remote control AIRPLANE!!!!! Oh, that was good for 15 minutes at least. We watched it swoop and dive, bank and climb. We got to say "Oooo, aip'ane -- YAY!!!" many times.

There has been much climbing and running, following and meandering. I think what I love the best are the kids entertaining each other. It will be interesting to watch James next week. We've broken out of our routine before, and sometimes James makes huge leaps forward afterwards. It's like he gets a new perspective on things, and they look mighty different when "normal life" returns. That is so cool!

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