Monday, May 12, 2008

Doubling our Fun

James is starting to say two words together! I am not counting one of his earliest spoken words for his favourite treat "apple bar." He can say "Hi, ____" and "Bye-bye _______" and I love it when it is "Hi, Mama."

We can get him to say many words after we say them and he is starting to say words on his own. He is very good at saying "NO!" and will respond "okay" if we are checking in that he understands what we've just said. (if he doesn't say "okay" then we know he either hasn't heard or he does not agree)

Last week, he said "Oh man!" just like Swiper on Dora. He starting to use this instead of "uh-oh!" My husband and I cracked up. It's nice to laugh that way. He is also getting better at hugging and kissing.

Sometimes, when he vocalizes with "Eeeeeeeeeee," we can get him to say a word or two. He is also memorizing his favourite books and vocalizes along with the reader, with occasional clear words in their proper places. I am so excited. He has been doing this with songs for a while.

I set up his t-ball stand for him today in our back yard. He enjoyed whacking the ball. But I really think the attraction was the bat! He also has not taken a nap today. I am not ready to give up the afternoon naps yet, so I am thinking positive that this is a fluke.

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