Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chatterbox, w/ a Side of Eyes

James has been talking a lot this week. Saying more words on his own that correspond to things he sees or hears, like "a bird!" or "airp'ane!" If I mention the wind, he immediately puckers up his lips and goes "whhhhsh, whhhhhhsh!"

Sometimes, we can have conversations, even if they go like this:
James: "Swing!"
me: "Yay, swing!"
James: "Swing!"
me: "Want to sit on the swing, James?"
James: "NO!!!"

me: "did you do pee-pee in your diapers, James?"
James: (if yes) "pee-pee" / (if no) "NO!"

me: "did you do poo-poo in your diapers, James?"
James: (if yes) "poo-poo" / (if no) "NO!"

He is starting to pick out which shirts he wants to wear. I hold up two, and ask him if he wants to wear the blue one or the green one. Some mornings it's between the orange one or the brown one. He doesn't always match up saying and grabbing the one he wants first try, but it's getting to be a quicker process. It's also a nice way to practice his colours. He has lost interest in picking out his socks. They're totally back to the What. Ever. category.

Of course, with eyes like James', he doesn't always needs words. What a lucky guy!

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Bobbi said...

That's really cute. I'd have a hard time saying no to those eyes! That's great he is communicating!