Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Growing Pains

James is still going through what I hope is a transitional phase. He has been using less words over the past two weeks or so, after a small explosion in his vocabulary. His sleeping patterns are messed up and instead of sleeping at night, I can hear a Party of One in his room. This makes working with his SHAPE asst. the next afternoon extremely challenging. He also is doing more screaming and face hitting, which I try to counter with asking "What do you want, James?" and "No hitting," followed by time-outs.

I am trying to look on the bright side. My daughter did similar things before leaping forward developmentally. James has largely been sunny, serene ... and about a year "behind" (developmentally). He still loves going to school and taking the bus. He loves looking at books, the Cars trailers, and singing. His sister can get him to play with toy fish and cars. He loves to do his Flash cards with her. I imagine that it must be pretty frustrating to start to realize all the things you could do ... and then realize there are some things your fingers just can't do right away, or that you are trying your darndest to communicate with people, and it doesn't work. I'd get really tired and cranky too.

So then I try and find ways he can do more things with us, and make sure I make time to just hold him and tell him I love him.

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