Saturday, April 12, 2008

Because I Am

The last few days have been a little hard. James is upset by things that normally don't phase him. He panics when he sees me leaving, which has never been an issue before. There is a little more screaming and a few fewer words at home too. Physical activity really seems to help him, as does music.

Last night after dinner, I took a walk to the local park with both kids. My daughter loved running and James was so excited to see the moon. He would stop and tip his head way up and say "Moon! Mooooon!" I got him to sit on a swing with me for a few seconds, and help push his sister up and down on the teeter-totter. Maybe one day he will enjoy doing these things himself. I hope so!

He liked singing with me at bedtime again. And he is up to listening to three books at bedtime: Rainbow Frogs, The Mouse/Strawberry/Big Hungry Bear and Five Little Ducks.

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